Belladonna* Benefit

bellauctionThroughout December, support the work of Belladonna* by taking part in the Online Auction. There are loads of great items. (I would happily accept a gifted IFC membership, btw.)

The Belladonna* Collective organizes events and conversations around feminist writing, hosts readings, and supports radical diversity in the poetry community. They’re also bringing out my book soon.

There aren’t that many feminist avant-garde collectives around these days.
Please help support the work if you can. More about Belladonna* here.

checks were in the mail

Following up on the lawsuit settlement, if anyone’s still curious, the money the People’s Library working group received is finally disbursed. The money we received in the settlement we gave away to groups that are continuing work that is aligned with the spirit and vision of the People’s Library.


For transparency, the groups we sent checks to are:

Word Up Community Bookshop
The Brecht Forum
Bluestockings Books
Queers for Economic Justice
National Lawyers Guild
Food for Thought Books
Waging Nonviolence
Reader to Reader
Silvia Rivera Law Project
OWS Jail Support / Just Info
Indiana Prison College
Free University NYC
Books Through Bars
Housing Works
NYC Anarchist Black Cross
Black and Pink
Urban Librarians Unite
Queens Café (new community space in Queens)
Free Press
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Demand Progress
Brooklyn Public Library
Queens Library Foundation
New York Public Library
New Alternatives
Bailey House
Lesbian Herstory Archives
Interference Archive
American Indian College Fund
Brooklyn Base
Tamiment Library
OWS poetry Anthology

Yes, it is years later. Consensus is difficult to achieve and the process we committed to in selecting and evaluating groups required a lot of work. Jaime detailed it on the website, but I want to have as many thanks out in the world as possible for the people who bottom-lined the process when everyone else lost the will. Thank you Zachary, Michele and Danny for all your hard work! I’m excited to see what we do next.

writing workshop

From October through December, I’ll be leading a writing workshop at the Poetry Project. Let’s write together!

I will be facilitating a writing workshop in which participants will delve into physical experience: writing through the senses — to create an embodied poetics and journey along a path toward a new body of work. Over the 10-week course we will incorporate/examine/manifest/experience Sight (visuals!), Sound (beats!), Taste (mad flavor!), Touch/Sensation, and Scent through writing exercises, readings and possibly field trips around the neighborhood. We do not subscribe to the notion that there are only five senses, but there are only 10 weeks in the course: at least a few sessions will be dedicated to an investigation of other, less familiar senses and what constitutes a sense. Make sense? One of the primary aims of the workshop is to kickstart the writing process– there will be a focus on generative writing exercises and collegial feedback.

Space is limited. Enrollment details here:

Babylon makes the rules

Michael’s round-up of media coverage on the library blog brought the Daily News’ article to my attention. It’s got a lovely quotation that recalls some of what this settlement’s about:

“Remember the anti-authority message of Occupy Wall Street? Remember the backlash over its vague goals and nebulous methods? Surprise! Occupy Wall Street (OWS) just struck a sizeable victory, and it came by working within the system.”
Read more here.

Working within the system.

Babylon makes the rules, but that doesn’t mean we’re incapable of playing by them. 

another poetry month

Looks like I’ll be reading at the MoMA on April 20th

Transform The World! Poetry Must Be Made by All!

Saturday, April 20, 2013, 3:00–4:00 p.m.
The Alfred H. Barr, Jr. Painting and Sculpture Galleries, fourth floor

Barbara Morgan. Martha Graham, Celebration. 1937. Gelatin silver print, 19 x 15 7/16"

Here’s info from the MoMA site:

In celebration of National Poetry Month The Museum of Modern Art presents Transform The World! Poetry Must Be Made by All! For a full hour, the galleries come alive with the sounds of spoken word, as poets read their own works and those of others. The poets, ranging from emerging to established, from conventional to experimental, demonstrate and celebrate the broad range of American poetry today amid great works of postwar modern art in the Museum’s collection. This event is organized by poet Kenneth Goldsmith as part of the Artists Experiment initiative.

Thanks to all the lovelies at Belladonna for inviting me to participate. Full event details here.

Occupy Sandy

Tonight, Wednesday November 28th, Josh Fox’s short film about Hurricane Sandy will be shown somewhere in the East Village, NYC guerrilla-style. Text “@ClimateCrime” to the number 23559 to get the exact location for tonight. Dress Warmly.

Occupy Sandy Trailer

It’s been one month since Frankenstorm Sandy struck the coast of the Northeast United States, leaving ruined homes and devastated communities in its wake. Its also been one month since Occupy Sandy leapt into the void left by government agencies and big NGO’s to demonstrate the power, joy, and necessity of mutual aid. New York City will forever be changed by these events, as it should be. Now is the time to break the climate silence, and shine a light on the climate crimes that made Sandy inevitable.

Join academy-award nominated director Josh Fox (Gasland), Occupy Sandy Relief organizers,, The Other 98%, and The Illuminator for a Guerrilla Premiere of Fox’s new short film “Occupy Sandy: A Human Response to the New Realities of Climate Change,” which viscerally shows the damage left behind by the storm, highlights the heroic grassroots efforts of Occupy activists, and draws the connections between the storm, climate change, and the reckless greed of the fossil fuel industry.After the film, we will hear testimonials from victims of Hurricane Sandy, who themselves are now drawing these same connections. The time is long overdue for us all to make these connections, and to demand that our elected officials and the mainstream media do the same.If you want to come, join our cell phone text loop by texting @climatecrime to 23559, or follow the hashtag #climatecrime on Twitter. We will keep you updated. What we can tell you now is to dress warm, bring hot beverages, be prepared to move and to be moved…

AFTER-PARTY: Occupy Sandy Volunteer Appreciation Night! RSVP here:

We will be accepting donations of heaters, warm socks, flashlights, canned food, diapers & baby formula at the event. Please bring something to share with the people affected by Hurricane Exxon.

[event announcement lifted directly from fb event page]