resistance is beautiful

Back in 2018, THERETHEN published a limited edition chapbook of mine called resistance is beautiful. Over the years, the poems have morphed and the chapbook became a full-length manuscript. (It’s sitting in a binder over there waiting for someone to decide to publish it.) Eventhough some of these poems were already old when they were published in 2018, I still love them. They mean different things in the current moment. The chapbook is online as a pdf linked here and from the poetry page.

masked folks carrying a banner that says "Resistance Is Beautiful.

Most importantly to me is that art serves collective liberation. To clarify, I’m not suggesting in any way that my poems had anything to do with any of this, but it pleases me all the same. Above is a photo of masked folks carrying a banner that says “Resistance Is Beautiful.” I think it’s from a protest in Charlotte, NC but can’t find a proper photo credit for it. I’ll credit