Illuminator debut this Saturday

Occupiers, 99%-ers, Fellow Insurgents–

The rumors are true. Deep in the bowels of Brooklyn the plans were hatched, the forces gathered, the dream made real. The Illuminator has been given form and will ride out on its maiden voyage this Saturday night, March 3rd, as part of Low Lives: Occupy! Its mission: To smash the myths of the information industry so that people might see for themselves what the 99% movement is fighting for.

The Illuminator is a tactical media tool and spectacularization machine, a beautiful and useful instrument to be used to grow and strengthen the movement in New York City and around the country. We’ve got big plans. Go to the website, follow us on the social media outlet of your choice, and stay tuned.

To catch us on Livestream on Saturday night at 7:28, 8:26, or 9:24pm, check in on the Low Lives channel: To catch us live, follow us on one of those aforementioned outlets.

See you in the Streets,
The Illuminator Team



Originally, I just swiped your tag @marykvalle and @JeffSharlet– Bloomberg Bibliocide– but only because it’s so lovely. Thank you for it. Bibliocide. But it could be meaning the degradation of the book’s narrative when re-cast as a film. It could also sound like we’re calling for his death by books. Maybe biblioklept instead? I’ll change it here, but know please, in my heart that I love you and your tags.


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All Roads Lead to Wall Street


I can’t sleep at night.
I keep getting asked what I’m doing at Wall Street. I’ll tell you why I’m at Wall Street as succinctly as possible. My reasons change, but at 4:37 this morning, here’s why
(Betsy’s personal top 10 + 1)

  • because decent childcare costs more than I could earn working full time
  • because my parents are trying to get by on Social Security
  • because my public library keeps having service cuts and has to perpetually fund-raise to keep doors open
  • because of the state of public education
  • because of how long it will take me to pay off my student loan debt
  • because of the state of the health care system
  • because of the death penalty
  • because of war without end
  • because of climate reality
  • because of gender inequality
  • because of violence, abuse and neglect in its myriad forms

I don’t sleep at night, but I dream another world is possible.
And so it is.