new light

old lamps

Until recently the park was filled with these beautiful lamps. If you zoom in you can see details in the metalwork. The light cast was a sometimes flickery yellow orange. In the past few days all the lamps in the park have been replaced with LED lights that cast a dim but very uniform light through the park at night. The consistency of it, the lack of flickering and warmth feels a bit antiseptic. Lighting is important, worth putting thought into.

I’m sad to lose the detail on the lamps and the moody inconsistent lighting. I’m sure it has something to do with cost, “public safety”. Grateful to have a park, light in the park, folks out here maintaining it all.

new lamps

I haven’t read or heard anything about this, I’ve just watched them replacing all the lights from the front window. At night the difference is incredible. It’s been foggy recently making it even more eery.

It’s been more than a year in this apartment looking out the window without much contact with the world. I love my neighborhood and have enjoyed watching changes unfold as winter turns to spring–forsythia, daffodils, squirrel activity– these lights are going to take some getting used to though.

I’m really looking forward to some retreat time in April. Needing a bit more resource to meet the moment skillfully, gratefully with a (mostly) open heart. Maybe these new lights herald change, light the way.

ready to flow

I’m a yoga teacher now!

RYT-200 Yoga Alliance registration logo

I completed my 200-hour Vinyasa teacher training at Laughing Lotus and am now ready to help folks find their flow. I am officially a yoga teacher now.

I’m organizing classes in the neighborhood, teaching friends & neighbors and whoever else is interested.

Stay posted (on fb & instagram) for upcoming classes or hit me up if you’re in Sunset Park.

movie reviews

The Variety review has some issues, but I include it here just because it says “Cardona is handsome — bedroom eyes, chiseled smile — and in the movie his stoically sexy features are set off by a rather extreme fade haircut: shaved all the way up on the sides, but longish and combed on top, like an oil-slicked Mohawk.” um, ok.

En el Séptimo Día premiered Sunday, June 18 at BAMcinemaFest and screens again on Sunday, June 25 at 2 PM in the BAM Rose Theater.

En el Séptimo Día

I ran into Fernando on the train in perfect time to find out about the World Premiere of En el Séptimo Día at BAM next weekend, centerpiece of the BAMcinemaFest. I’m so excited to finally see it. There are still a few tickets left, don’t miss out!

March 2018 update: Cinema Guild acquired the film & it will open in NYC in June 2018.