what’s a blog for anyway?

It’s a quarter moon today, time to make some choices. What’s a blog even for if not for me to pour all the writing into? I’ve been woefully underutilizing this space. When I look at old posts it’s like I never wrote books or helped build a library at Occupy Wall Street or studied and practiced dharma and yoga for years. This site makes me look brand new. Maybe instead of burning journals and giving up on dusty manuscripts I should just start posting it all here. I keep seeing this quotation floating around online. It’s attributed to Philip Pullman, but I haven’t verified that myself–

"After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world." Philip Pullman
Text reads, “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” Philip Pullman

I’ve been writing essays for at least the last six months. What’s a writer to do in pandemic quarantine but keep on writing? That’s what I did, slowly shedding poetry for whole sentences, even paragraphs. I’m no novel writer, but I’ve got a lot of opinions about a lot of things that I mostly keep my mouth shut about in a feeble attempt at right speech. Right speech certainly can’t mean staying silent all the time though, can it? That’s not right or wise for me.

I went to one of my favorite astrologers (who seems to know what a blog is for) to make sure I’m not making it up about this quarter moon tension I’m feeling and got hit directly with a patreon post. Maybe that’s the answer. Every writer must know the tenderness and vulnerability involved in exposing true inner thoughts to the world. There’s always some fear for me about judgement and rejection and imminent attack. Worldly winds will blow though, what is there to fear really? Mostly I can’t bear the pressure of having all this writing, all these poems and essays and journals just piling up. I’ve reached some kind of tipping point. Put it online or put it into the fire.

take the poll: what’s a blog for? more writing? announcements only?

If anybody out there reads this besides my mother, please chime in. She already read my journals when I was a kid. Maybe you’d like to read them also? Patreon memberships for journal entries maybe, random posts about whatever is crossing my mind on any given day: political intrigue, insights into non-monogamy/poly living, vitriol about poetry communities and dharma centers. Could be anything! Chime in here or hit me up by email. Right now I’m open to suggestions.

more writing on the blog? yeah or nah?

Last quarter Pisces moon square Gemini sun. Just sit with the questions I guess. Investigate further. Maybe I don’t need to keep it all to myself or dump it all over the internet. Could there be another way?

meditation in an emergency

While I was off meditating in the California hills, the good folks at The Poetry Project put together a feature of some of the writing that was produced in our Meditation in an emergency workshop this Fall.

New work from Janae Brux, Anna Gurton-Wachter, E.C. Kane, Peter Bogart Johnson, Susana Malo, Ryan Nowlin, Victoria Ordway and Serge Rodriguez is now online at https://www.poetryproject.org/publications/work-from-meditations-in-an-emergency/.

I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to share some writing & meditation practices with this group. It’s wonderful to see some of what grew out of our time together. Join us next week for a free reading from workshop participants: Thursday December 12th at 8pm. The Poetry Project is located at 131 E. 10th St. NYC. Facebook event details here.

Accessibility: St. Mark’s Church is wheelchair accessible. Please call The Poetry Project at 212-674-0910 in advance of events to arrange accessibility. Please note on Fridays between 8-9:30pm the wheelchair accessible all gender bathrooms on the ground floor are unavailable because another arts project has performances in the sanctuary. There are All-Gender bathrooms on the second floor of the church. To access Parish Hall, attendees must pass through the main sanctuary and a corridor. There are 2 sets of double doors and two single doors to go through. The smallest of these doors at the end of the corridor is 28.5 inches wide. The Poetry Project will arrange for an ASL interpreter for any event with one week’s advance notice.

writing workshop

From October through December, I’ll be leading a writing workshop at the Poetry Project. Let’s write together!

I will be facilitating a writing workshop in which participants will delve into physical experience: writing through the senses — to create an embodied poetics and journey along a path toward a new body of work. Over the 10-week course we will incorporate/examine/manifest/experience Sight (visuals!), Sound (beats!), Taste (mad flavor!), Touch/Sensation, and Scent through writing exercises, readings and possibly field trips around the neighborhood. We do not subscribe to the notion that there are only five senses, but there are only 10 weeks in the course: at least a few sessions will be dedicated to an investigation of other, less familiar senses and what constitutes a sense. Make sense? One of the primary aims of the workshop is to kickstart the writing process– there will be a focus on generative writing exercises and collegial feedback.

Space is limited. Enrollment details here: http://poetryproject.org/get-involved/sign-up-for-workshops