eclipse season

Today’s Gemini full moon/lunar eclipse launches us into eclipse season again. I’m always excited about that and even more so about the Great Conjunction next month: Saturn/Jupiter at 0ยบ Aquarius. I don’t tend to post too much here about astrology, but December 21, 2020 is the beginning of the future. A new era. May it be so.

When I was a kid my parents had an album from The Fifth Dimension laying around & I remember loving this song before I ever learned anything about astrology. (I hope the youtube gods let me embed this video, because check out these outfits!!) Mystic crystal revelations? The mind’s true liberation? YES!! Sign me up!

Looking forward to knowledge, ideals and communication shaping the next 200 years, releasing the emphasis on material possessions, consumerism, division, strife. May the culture of care so many of us have been working toward manifesting finally blossom, bear fruit. Our roots already run deep.