I can’t sleep at night.
I keep getting asked what I’m doing at Wall Street. I’ll tell you why I’m at Wall Street as succinctly as possible. My reasons change, but at 4:37 this morning, here’s why
(Betsy’s personal top 10 + 1)

  • because decent childcare costs more than I could earn working full time
  • because my parents are trying to get by on Social Security
  • because my public library keeps having service cuts and has to perpetually fund-raise to keep doors open
  • because of the state of public education
  • because of how long it will take me to pay off my student loan debt
  • because of the state of the health care system
  • because of the death penalty
  • because of war without end
  • because of climate reality
  • because of gender inequality
  • because of violence, abuse and neglect in its myriad forms

I don’t sleep at night, but I dream another world is possible.
And so it is.